Basic Parrot Information

If you are looking for information about parrots, you may be thinking of purchasing a pet for your home. Or your search for info about parrots may be due to already having purchased a bird. Parrot information is scattered across the Internet, but you often have to look up a specific bird to get parrot information about the group in general. The … [Read More...]

Parrot Information


Pet Parrots on Parade

Parrots. They come in many sizes and many colors. Imagine a parade of them, waddling down the street past your window. Yellows, blues, greens, … [Read More...]


Potential Parrot Owners Beware

Many people purchase parrots. Some think through the purchase ahead of time. Others make impulse purchases. Potential owners should beware, … [Read More...]


Parrot Behavior – Who’s the Boss?

Every family has a boss - one boss. Even when it seems the family headship is being shared, there comes a time when one person must make a … [Read More...]

Parrot Care


Parrot Food for Health and Safety

Whether yours is a Quaker parrot, an African Grey parrot, a Scarlet Macaw, an Amazon, Cockatiel, or some other member of … [Read More...]


All I Need Is a Cage

Parrots make colorful, comical pets, and many people simply can't resist them. Above all, they can't resist the idea … [Read More...]

Parrot Training


Good Parrot, Bad Parrot

Parrot training is often the difference between a good parrot and a bad parrot. Parrot training of this kind is not all … [Read More...]


Secrets of Parrot Training

Most people who buy parrots have three wishes. They wish it to do tricks. They wish it to talk. They wish it to obey on … [Read More...]