Parrot Info

A New Baby Parrot: What Now?

You just saw a baby parrot in the pet shop, and fell in love with it, but you need... 

Parrot Coloring Pages

Parents and teachers are always, it seems, trying to find parrot coloring pages.... 

Pet Parrots on Parade

Parrots. They come in many sizes and many colors. Imagine a parade of them, waddling... 

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Parrot Breeds

Master of Sounds: The African Grey Parrot

Of all the parrot breeds, the African grey parrot is thought to be the most intelligent.... 

African Grey Parrot Female and Male

Of more than 350 species of parrot, the African Grey parrot is among the most popular.... 

Amazon Parrot Info for the New Owner Part 2

In the first part of this info for the new owner of an Amazon Parrot, we described... 

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Parrot Training

Secrets of Parrot Training

Most people who buy parrots have three wishes. They wish it to do tricks. They wish it to talk. They wish it to obey on command. The first wish usually comes true, simply because parrots are comical birds and like to do amusing things. The second wish often comes true as the owners work with their parrots. But the third wish? Proper parrot training... [Read more of this review]

How to Train an African Grey Parrot Part 1

Parrot training is more or less effective, depending on the bird. The African Grey Parrot has come to be known as the easiest to train especially when it comes to talking. Not only can you train an African Grey Parrot to mimic your words, but also to obey your commands. With as little as a month of parrot training, many African Greys go from... [Read more of this review]

How to Train an African Grey Parrot Part 2

Part 1 of this article discussed African Grey behavior modification. As we move into Part 2, lets look at teaching new behavior to an African Grey parrot. Offer a Big Carrot Parrot training proceeds more quickly if you make sure your African Grey is somewhat hungry. You will not want to starve him, of course. You will only want to cut back slightly... [Read more of this review]

Parrot Talking up a Storm!

Of the thousands and thousands of different birds in the world, few have the reputation of the parrot for talking up a storm. True, a bird can learn to mimic a few words, but the parrot is known for talking. Visit a pet store where there is a parrot talking, and you may hear non-stop chatter! Parrot Talking in the Wild If parrot talking is so prevalent... [Read more of this review]

Kinds of Talking Parrots

One reason many people decide to buy a parrot is simply that they want to hear it talk. Oh, they like the colors, and they like the big, beady eyes. They may be intrigued by the strong beak and the thick tongue, but they really want a talking parrot. Various Kinds of Talking Parrots Many breeds are included in the category of talking parrots. Some... [Read more of this review]

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